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How To Check Recently Deleted Files On Your Computer - Helpful Tips

Files can be deleted from your computer for various reasons. Even though deleting files can be done for a good reason, it can also be a bad move. The files that are deleted can come back to haunt and haunt you for life. Therefore, it is important to know how to do hard drive recovery to delete files from your computer. Reviewer shows how to check recently deleted files and folders on your computer.

What is a file?

A file is a collection of data that can be saved on your computer or another device. It can contain text, pictures, videos, and more. Files are stored on your computer in folders that can be found through Windows Explorer.

Check Recently Deleted Files

A recent study found that over 80% of people deleted files never made it to the recycle bin. In order to check these files, follow these steps:

1) Go to your computer’s recycle bin

2) Right click on the file you recently deleted

3) Select “Show in folder

4) If the file is there, go ahead and open it. However, if the file is not there, then you most likely deleted it by accident.

5) Open your documents folder in windows explorer (The one where all your saved work goes).

If there are any files or folders that are not in this folder, then they were also deleted by accident. Those should be right back in you recycle bin as well.

Check Recently Deleted Folders

Step 1: Open a folder on your computer.

Step 2: Right-click the folder and select “Show Hidden Files.”

Step 3: Open the file that recently was deleted.

Step 4: Delete it from your computer.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 for each folder.

Check Encrypted Files

There are ways to check encrypted files on your computer. Files that have been deleted from your computer could be encrypted and you don’t want anyone else to find them. In order to check those files, go ahead and open up the file explorer on your computer.

Then, hover over the drive where the file is located and click properties. Go ahead and click the Security tab in order to view all the different types of encryptions on your computer. If you know that there’s an encrypted file on your computer that you want to get rid of, but you’ve forgotten what it was called, then this is a good option for you.

Check Backups

If you’re deleting files from your computer and don’t want to worry about them coming back, it is a good idea to take a backup of the files. You can find the backups on your computer in different locations, but this process may be difficult for some people.

One way to check for a backup of deleted files on your computer is to use the Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin shows deleted files for previous sessions and will show you the last time you deleted them. If you see an old file that was just deleted from your computer, it’s best not to delete it again and instead move it into the Recycle Bin.


Deleting files from your computer is something that we all do, but it’s also something that can be hard to do. Windows has a variety of ways to delete files, but some of these methods are more effective than others. It’s important to know the different ways you can delete a file before you start trying to get rid of them.

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