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Why my battery is going low? How to replace iphone battery

Too long have we suffered and were intimidated by the shrieking sound of a dying battery. It creeps for us everywhere – at a casual get-together, at a dinner party, at a night at the club, waiting for our best moment of need, only to land its coup de grace over our mobile vulnerability.

In short, a low battery is no fun at all. The disruptive power over low iphone battery cannot be underestimated. The curious thing, however, related to battery usage is the extremely diverse and unique ways we use our phone and its applications. Respectively, each type of task executed by our phone takes its specific toll on the power of the battery. So why does my battery go so low?

Firstly, your phone is designed to convey a seamless and fast experience through the intricate combination of advanced technology and complex engineering – the battery not being an exception. However, all rechargeable batteries are consumable and have a specific lifespan, which, when decreased, significantly affects the performance and capacity of the smartphone.

One of the obvious determinants of a battery capacity and performance is battery health. In other words, be sure to check the state of your battery health in case you notice malfunctions or misbehaviour of the battery.

If you are running too many applications at the same time your phone is prone to overheat and consume a considerable amount of running memory. Clean up the running memory and reduce the strain on the battery.

Crafty apps of unknown sources can also find their way into your device without you even knowing it. Very often this happens through the course of our online navigation when sketchy and canny apps lurk in pop-up adds or URLs of unaccredited origin. However, this is not the only case. Sometimes, different games and other friendly applications do require access or permission to your microphone, camera, etc. When granted access, excess drainage can be produced.

Alternatively, freeing up space from your mobile and eliminating redundant areas of information can improve the functionality of your battery.

Ultimately, these are simple steps you can take to prevent the excessive drainage of your battery, however, in terms of lifespan, there is nothing you can do to stop the ageing of your galvanized friend. So, what can you do if your battery is showing symptoms of ageing? Unfortunately, you will be required to visit a battery doctor.

Even if the battery is disconnected by a physical switch, batteries have a small internal self-discharge current that cannot be stopped. This phenomenon is called self-discharge, and this will eventually drain the battery. You will need a replacement with apple parts.

But first, let’s talk about what is the battery capacity and when should you expect to change your battery. An iPhone battery’s capacity is generally potent of 500 battery cycles before it starts to degrade.  This can also be expressed by a two- or three-years’ time worth of possession before the battery is reduced to 80% of its capacity.

Now, the first thing in iphone battery replacement is acquiring a new one, obviously. The most certain way to replace a battery is going to your nearest apple store so that specialized personnel can swap the old battery with a new one. Phones under an Apple warranty shall be subject to a free battery replacement. The process, however, can take either one visit or even a few days.

Nonetheless, if time is of the essence and you observe a shortage of patience, you can always attempt to replace the battery by yourself. But be aware, the task at hand is not for the faint of the heart. The iPhone is intricately devised with special glue and other fixating material that can prove to be an obstacle for an unexperienced adventurer venturing into the phone-tinkering realm. At the same time, meddling with the integrity of the phone can also affect the waterproof capabilities of the phone, provided they are present. In spite of that, the task is not as frightening as initially presented.

Most evidently, a proper repair kit is due to engage in the swapping process. The circuitry and the internal construction are by no means a thing to look down at, but insofar as the intervention regards swapping the battery, mostly screws and connectors will be in your way.

When swapping batteries for newer phones, however, some adhesives might be in your way. The batteries are enforced with a 3M Command Strip adhesive, which can prove quite a troublesome experience if the adhesive breaks down. Additionally, some adhesive is used on the edge holding down the display assembly. A little bit of applied heat will do the job of losing it up. Otherwise, no other complications should impede with your attempt to change the battery.

Ultimately, there is always a possibility to address this issue via third party repair shops. The obvious and instant advantage of these shops is the prices offered, which are more competitive than the ones proposed by official apple stores. However, while the prices are more competitive, the only way to utilize your warranty is to believe that the independent shop will honor it. At the same time, a downside to it is that you will not know the quality or origin of the battery replaced – it varies from the practices of each shop.

The bottom line, however, is simple – do your best to attempt a battery drainage prophylaxis by using available methods you can apply without additional assistance. If you own an iOS 11 or newer, you can use installed applications to monitor the health of the battery and take appropriate actions to mitigate any issues. If a battery change is required, visit an Apple store or a repair shop, depending on your price sensibility and buy iphone battery replacemnt. Finally, if your hands feel crafty enough, feel free to change the battery manually and start a new life with your technologically savvy companion.

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